Solid State Phenomena

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Edited by: Prof. Somrerk Chandra-ambhorn, Prof. Yves Wouters and Wanlop Harnnarongchai
Online since: February 2020
Description: This book provides the basic concepts and the recent research - in thermodynamic, kinetic and mechanical aspects - of the high temperature corrosion of stainless steels. It also includes the reviews of the effects of alloying elements and water vapour on stainless steel oxidation, as well as the development of stainless steel interconnects for solid oxide fuel cells. This festschrift is published in honour of Professor Alain Galerie as an outgrowth of the Alain Galerie Symposium on High Temperature Corrosion held at King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand, on 9 July 2018.


Edited by: Prof. Andrey A. Radionov
Online since: January 2020
Description: This volume contains papers presented at the 5th International Conference on Industrial Engineering (ICIE) that was held on 25-29 of March 2019, Sochi, Russian Federation. The edition reflects recent advances in the field of materials science, metallurgical and metalworking technologies, surface engineering, and coatings. We hope this collection will be useful for many engineers and researchers from various branches of industry.


Edited by: Mohamed Nor Sabirin
Online since: October 2019

This volume contains papers which were presented at the 7th International Conference on Metallurgy Technology and Materials (ICMTM2019, June 14-15, 2019, Xiamen, China) and presents to readers the recent research results in the area of materials science and materials processing technologies.


Edited by: Prof. Mosbah Zidani and Dr. Hichem Farh
Online since: September 2019
Description: The innovative assembly and materials junction processes result in multi-materials components with different mechanical behavior, with various electrical and optical properties must meet the technological challenges to improve product performance, relief structures, reducing cycle times and process control. The research efforts are principally focused on the effect of the forming parameters of very diverse processes (forming, solid phase (friction) or liquid (TIG, SMAW, etc.) brazing and additive manufacturing, materials implantation and deposition) on the microstructural aspect of the junction ensuring the cohesion and required properties of the resulting multi-material assemblies.


Edited by: Dr. Karel Dvo?ák and Dominik Gazdi?
Online since: August 2019
Description: This book was prepared by results of the 17th International Conference Silicate Binders (ICBM 2018) that was held December 6 in Brno, Czech Republic and focused on the scientifical and practical knowledge of inorganic binders and materials. The most important topics were chemistry and technology of cement and other hydraulic and silicate binders and chemistry and technology of lime and gypsum based binders. We hope this collection will be useful for many specialists in the field of building materials.


Edited by: Syed Masood
Online since: August 2019
Description: The 2018 Asia Conference on Material and Manufacturing Technology (ACMMT 2018), was held in Beijing, China, September 14-16, 2018. The presented collection by results of ACMMT 2018 informs readers about the last achievements in the sphere of materials science and processes of metalworking. We hope you will find this collection informative and useful in your professional activity.


Edited by: Hui Jun Li and Mohd Hamdi Bin Abdul Shukor
Online since: July 2019
Description: This is a collection of articles from the 3rd International Conference on Functional Materials and Metallurgy (ICFMM 2018) which has been held in Wuhan, China during November 10-12, 2018. The main topics of ICFMM 2018 were dedicated to issues related to nanomaterials, functional materials, metallurgical and metalworking technologies, chemical technologies in environmental engineering, bio- and building materials. We hope that the presented collection will be useful for many specialists from the area of modern materials science and materials processing technologies.


Edited by: Prof. Tomasz Tański and Dr. Przemys?aw Snopiński
Online since: July 2019
Description: This volume provides an overview of thin film materials and coatings, design and manufacture for a wide variety of application areas. In particular, the topics of interest include fabrication of thin films by electrospinning, a thin film for solar energy conversion, optical and electrical investigation of thin films and special coatings, applications of PVD/ALD coatings, low friction thin layers. We hope that the presented research results and recommendations will be interesting and useful for engineers and researchers from various areas of engineering.


Edited by: ?árka Nenadálová and Petra Johová
Online since: June 2019
Description: The 25th International Conference Concrete Days 2018 was held in Prague, Czech Republic from November 21st – 22nd, 2018. The published papers present recent research results in the area of modern concretes and concrete structures, discuss modeling and design of concrete structures, bridges, and buildings, properties of concretes as well as significant structural projects and realizations.


Edited by: Gennadiy Pivnyak, Roman Dychkovskyi, Edgar Cáceres Cabana and Adam Smoliński
Online since: May 2019
Description: This volume contains peer-reviewed papers prepared as the event of the National Contact Point “Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy” under the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Selected papers at this volume cover a wide range of topics regarding physical and chemical geotechnologies also as solid body mechanics and provide the recent knowledge and achievement. Presented works together with scientific substantiation have an analytical justification and practical proof of received results. We believe the volume will be essential reading for those in the related areas and will provide an inspiration for future studies and achievement.


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