Foundations of Materials Science and Engineering

ISSN: 2297-816X

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Authors: Dr. Susarla Venkata Ananta Rama Sastry and Prof. K.V. Rao
Online since: April 2019
Description: This study examines the biodiesel production from waste cooking oils of different origin by conversion of fatty acids and free fatty acids to alkyl esters.


Authors: Prof. David J. Fisher
Online since: August 2018

The present monograph focuses on the very fruitful method of equating particle-physics phenomena - where the speed of light is a key factor – to dislocation-motion in solids – where the speed of sound plays an analogous role. The so-called ‘dusty plasma’ has proved to be a very useful substitute and its use confirms that the particle/dislocation analogy is well-founded.


Authors: David J. Fisher
Online since: January 2018
Description: The wide practical use of the diffusion barrier phenomenon in the various areas of science and modern engineering is impossible without the studying of all aspects of their creation, functioning and degradation. The present monograph covers a specific and important aspect of the diffusion barriers damaging process - the deleterious effect of atomic-scale defects in the structure of diffusion barriers.


Authors: Dr. Akeel M. Kadim
Online since: September 2017
Description: The monograph explores the features of white light generation by using the electroluminescent devices based on emissive quantum dots of cadmium selenide (CdSe), cadmium sulfide (CdS) and zinc sulfide (ZnS) with polymeric hole injection layer from Tetra-Phenyl Diaminobiphenyl (TPD) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).


Authors: Zainul Huda
Online since: November 2016
Description: "Manufacturing Technology and Materials Processing" is a core course for the undergraduate program: "Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Materials - Industrial Manufacture" in all reputed universities. This volume is designed for readers who are either engineering-degree students or practicing engineers in industry. This volume comprises of 19 chapters that are organized by dividing into four parts. Part I introduces to the Fundamentals of Materials and Manufacturing. Part II discusses Basic and Conventional Manufacturing Processes. Part III deals with Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Systems. Finally, in Part IV are explained Economic aspects and aspects of Quality Assurance of the manufacturing.


Authors: O.S. Sotnikov and A.A. Laktionova
Online since: June 2016

In this monograph, for the first time, results of systematic studies of cytoplasmic syncytial connections in the vertebrate and invertebrate nervous system are presented. It has been shown that in the nervous system, apart from chemical synapses and electrical membranous contacts, the third type of interneuronal communications exists — the cytoplasmic syncytial connection. Absolute criteria are developed, which allow revealing syncytial connections in light microscopy preparations and in tissue culture plexuses, as well as in electron microscopy investigations. For the first time, the method of artificial syncytial fusion of mass of living neurons in experiment was developed. It was shown that neurons, like cells of all other types, are capable for the enucleation with formation of karyoplasts and cytoplasts. This book is of interest to neurophysiologists, neuromorphologists, and neuropathologists, as well as to lecturers in the corresponding general courses about the neuron.


Authors: Bolshakov V.I., Dvorkin L.I.
Online since: April 2016
Description: This book is intended for a wide readership and mostly for specialists - builders, as well as graduate and undergraduate students of engineering sciences in universities. In this book the Authors outline the general statement of structural theory and consider on its basis the interrelations of structure and properties of major groups of building materials. By generalizing the data of numerous studies, the Authors refer to and analyze the results obtained by them in the Pridneprovsk Academy of Construction and Architecture and the National University of Water Management and Environmental Sciences (Ukraine).


Authors: Gennadiy Pivnyak, Igor V. Zhezhelenko and Yurii Papaika
Online since: March 2016
Description: The book consists of introduction and two parts. In the first part electromagnetic transients caused by shorts, longitudinal and lateral asymmetry, technological process and conditions of electromagnetic compatibility are considered. The part two is devoted to electromechanical transients and to combined influence of the electromagnetic and electromechanical transients on power supply system operation stability.


Authors: D.J. Fisher
Online since: October 2015
Description: This volume presents a summary of relevant diffusion data. Enormous amount of research has been expended on the option of storing the hydrogen in solid metal alloys. The loading of metals with hydrogen, and its extraction, depends upon several processes. It is found that the slowest, and therefore the rate-determining process is hydrogen diffusion in the solid.


Authors: D.J. Fisher
Online since: October 2015
Description: Perhaps the best-known aspect of the behavior of metals, and indeed of most materials, is that they weaken with temperature. This weakening is however a problem in some applications. Only tungsten for instance, with its naturally high melting-point, was suitable for the manufacture of the filaments of incandescent light-bulbs. Even then, it was necessary to add oxide particles having a yethigher melting-point in order to prevent the weakening effect of grain-growth. These are alloys however which can be said to be weakened by heat, but nevertheless ‘hang on’ to enough strength to perform their task. The real boon would be an alloy which actually, as it were, ‘rose to the occasion’. Such a class of alloy exists, and is the subject of this book. It brings together everything which is known about the yield strength anomaly; both theoretically and experimentally.


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