Applied Mechanics and Materials

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Edited by: Nicolae Dumitru, Nicolae Craciunoiu and Adrian Sorin Rosca
Online since: February 2020
Description: This book presents the newest and actual results of researches that intend to improve theoretical and practical activities in the field of mechanical engineering and automotive, clinical biomechanics, civil engineering, robotics and mechatronics based on the papers presented at the 5th International Conference of Mechanical Engineering (ICOME 2019, October 24-25, 2019, Craiova, Romania).


Edited by: S.R. Jayaram, Lingappa M. Shashank, Y. M. Shashidhara and M.S. Srinath
Online since: November 2019
Description: This volume of the journal contains papers which were presented at the International Conference on Green Trends in Mechanical Engineering Sciences (ICGTMES) that was held on October 3-5, 2018, Karnataka, India. The focus of the conference was to open a new paradigm to deliberate on eco-friendly and robust design, use of materials with less environmental impact, use of fewer materials, optimal utilization of resources during manufacturing processes. We hope that the presented papers will be interesting and useful for many specialists in the field of mechanical engineering and materials science.


Edited by: Huy Bich Nguyen
Online since: September 2019
Description: This volume contains the selected papers presented at the 2018 International Conference on Machining, Materials and Mechanical Technologies (IC3MT 2018), which was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 19th-22nd of September 2018. We hope this collection will be interesting and useful for many researchers and engineers from various fields of materials science and mechanical engineering.


Edited by: Prof. Jong Wan Hu
Online since: July 2019
Description: The objective of 3rd International Conference on Material Science and Engineering Technology (ICMSET 2019) is to bring together academics, scientists, engineers, postgraduates and other professionals in the area of material science and engineering technology from all over the world. It provides a high-standard international forum to introduce, to exchange and to discuss recent advances novel and practical techniques or application in the field of material engineering and application. The proceedings introduce to the readers with newest researches results and findings in the field of Material Property and Testing, Material Application and Design, Material Simulation and Analysis and Material Manufacturing and Process.


Edited by: Rayner Alfred, Ag. Asri Ag Ibrahim, Joe Henry Obit, Raymond Alfred and Kim On Chin
Online since: June 2019
Description: This book is the proceedings of the Third International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (ICCSE2018, August 29-30, 2018, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia) and contains the selected peer-reviewed papers which reflect recent achievements in the field of application of the computational methods and algorithms in scientific research and engineering design. We hope that this volume of the journal will be useful, interesting and informative for a wide range of scientists, engineers, and students.


Edited by: Noppakun Sanpo, Jirasak Tharajak and Paisan Kanthang
Online since: May 2019
Description: This volume contains papers from the 9th RMUTP International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development: Challenges towards the Digital Society 2018 (9th RMUTP ICON SCi-2018, 21-22 June 2018, Bangkok, Thailand) which present readers with results of the last researches in the field of phytochemistry and biotechnologies, materials science and mechanical engineering, environmental engineering and waste recycling.


Edited by: Geoffrey Mitchell, Nuno Alves and Artur Jorge dos Mateus
Online since: April 2019
Description: This special issue contains selected papers presented at the 2nd International Conference on Direct Digital Manufacturing and Polymers (2nd?CDDMAP 2017) held in Marinha Grande, Portugal. The presented papers are consider some aspects of using the Direct Digital Manufacturing technologies in industry and biomedicine.


Edited by: Banh Tien Long, Hyung Sun Kim, Kozo Ishizaki, Nguyen Duc Toan and Nguyen Thi Hong Minh
Online since: March 2019
Description: This edition presents papers from the 1st International Conference on Material, Machines and Methods for Sustainable Development (MMMS 2018, 18-19 May 2018, Danang, Vietnam) that reflect the state-of-the-art in the field of materials sciences and mechanical engineering. The contents of manuscripts from authors representing universities, research institutes, and industrial companies demonstrate the results of the very wide spectrum of research, from micro-nano material design and processing to the application material, the mechanical engineering technology in the industry. The largest number of the papers answer the vital question of how to obtain the advanced properties and technologies required of final task and products by the way of the verifications and selections of the process and control parameters. Other important problems of new special materials are also covered by several researchers. A large group of papers focuses on material modeling as well as the material technologies processes and mechanical manufacturing.


Edited by: Osamu Hanaizumi
Online since: February 2019
Description: This special issue is the supplement book of proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Advanced Micro-Device Engineering (AMDE 2016) organized by the Human Resource Cultivation Center, Gunma University, held on 9 December 2016 in Kiryu, Japan. Thematic area of this volume is "Measurement and System technology"


Edited by: Ulrich Pont, Matthias Schuss and Ardeshir Mahdavi
Online since: January 2019
Description: This collection of contributions is based on the results of the enviBUILD 2017 conference (Vienna, Austria, September 7-8, 2017) and presents for readers the variety of scientific and engineering approaches in the modern architecture, designing, and planning of buildings and city environment used in the modern civil engineering.


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